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  • Dinner for 8

    Our first DINNER FOR 8

    Steve and I are having some dinner parties to enjoy our friends.  We are calling it dinner for 8.  We figure it will take a while to get everyone to the house but we have will just keep adding dates till we get it done.  The menu is a 4 course dinner and our plan is to take our time dining.  This allows me to cook dinners that are pretty, tasty, and maybe just a little outside some peoples box.  
    Our first menu :

    Carpaccio of Beef Filet with a spicy aioli and white truffle oil

    Potato Leek Soup with prosciutto crumbles and topped with fried parsley

    Fresh Grouper grilled with a wasabi garlic sauce served on top of a mandarin orange vegetable ragout and topped with fried sweet potatoes crunchies

    The groups do not always know each other so we start with a social time.  We have a drink,  good conversation, and time to get to know each other.  

    We move to the table and then my work begins.  I have tried to create menus that are easy to serve and plate.  The first dinner went really smooth.  The beef carpaccio was plated and only needed to be topped, this took minutes.  The soup was heated and I ladled it into the bowls.   My toppings were in a line and just added to the bowl.  The fish, we all took a minute to restock our water and wine.  The coals on the grill were hot and the fish was ready. I put the ragout in bowls while Steve grilled the fish.  The fish was ready in about 6 minutes and added to a bowl.  Our crunchy sweet potatoes were placed on top and we were ready to go.


    The plates were removed and the whole tiramisu placed on the table.  The mexican coffee was put in cups and served with a orange slice.  On the table was fresh whipped cream for the coffee and extra for the tiramisu.  I always have room for whipped cream, it is my job to lick the spoon before washing.  

    Everyone left full and every plate was clean.  Even the carpaccio was a member of the clean plate club.  I was worried that raw beef was not in everyones box.  When everyone was gone, Steve and I had the place clean in about 30 minutes. We enjoyed a glass of red wine and the discussed how much we enjoyed our first dinner for 8.