Italian Dinner

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Italian Dinner The Antipasto: (means a small bite before the pasta or before the meal) Fig, Prosciutto and Roasted Garlic Flatbread The Primo: (Pasta an appetizer) Spaghetti alla Carbonara The Secondo: (Main) Braciole- Rolled Stuffed Steak in Tomato Sauce The Contorno: (A platter of vegetables) Baked Fennel and Parmesan Cheese The Dolce: (sweet) Tiramisu Thursday Sept 7 at 11:00am Thursday Sept.7 at 6:30pm enjoy a wine paring with the evening class. Place is Salted Rim Designs Call 252-586-2437 or email Classes ar $30.00 per person


lelia Frazier 26-08-2017, 13:12

That looks great! I'm going to sign up right now. Look forward to seeing you.


yvonne 27-08-2017, 01:00

I will make sure it is special for you. I always enjoy seeing friends.

Gaby Espenshade 28-08-2017, 15:06

Hi Yvonne,
I was just wondering, the breakfast for the holidays, it says,Tuesday November 1, but that's a Wednesday. Could you please let me know which day it is. Thank you so much.

Sybil Minton 28-08-2017, 19:58

Looks great Yvonne - going to sign up! Sybil

yvonne 28-08-2017, 22:43

Would love to see you. the night class is going to have a wine tasting with it and we have some couples that enjoy it as a night out.

yvonne 28-08-2017, 22:44

that was last years class.

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