Let's take a food adventure!

Why don't you join me for a food adventure? We'll have so much fun traveling the world experiencing great food and wine!

  • Italian food and wine adventure
    luggage From the airport in Milan to The lakes region of Italy we started our food and wine adventure.

    We continued to Bologna in the quest for pasta, cheese, and vinegars. Bologna was picked as our base camp because it is the food capital of Italy. It is a beautiful city with covered walks throughout.

    mealsParma was a day of cheese, shopping at the newest high fashion outlet, tasting of Prosciutto, and sites. On this beautiful rainy day, armed with gortex, we learned about making and eating Parmesan cheese, had a cured meat tasting, and a visit to the old opera house. The rain never slowed us down.

    Modena a city full of vinegar. Learning the differences of balsamic was an eye opening education for most of the girls. A lunch at the oldest restaurant in Italy. The owner falling in love with two of our group (that was fun) eating 6 courses and drinking shots of all their liquors. This day was voted the most fun.

    pastaCooking pasta was our next adventure, from making the pasta, to eating the hard work and drinking good wine. It was a very tiring day we could only nap after then shop and eat again. We had time to tour sites, shop on our own, drink coffee as only the Italians can, and just explore on our own. Then off for a day in Verona and the airport.

    Verona is a beautiful city with pink streets. The streets are lined with pink quartz, most of the pink quartz in the world comes from this area, It makes the city romantic. With the tales of Romeo and Juliet and the charm of the city, you feel like your under a spell. It is worth a day. Well it is time for home and reality.